hello world :-P

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting 🙂

I have not been posting much lately, to make quite an understatement. I’ve been busy with a lot of other things (especially enjoying life) and haven’t put much time into this blog. However, I see I still get a lot of visitors to this place, and that is the reason I kept it online.

Having said that, in the meantime I’ve been playing around a lot with Arduino microcontrollers, sensors, data, etcetera, or to use a populair term: IoT stuff. I’m planning to post some articles about that, as I think it is fun to play around with it and get more and more ideas along the way. I’m not going to plan a roadmap or anything, I’ll just post when it suits me.

Have a good time and hope to keep seeing you around here!

I’m back!

Hi everyone, I’m back!

I’m doing some new projects I’d like to share with the world, so I reanimated my old ‘ICT’ Blog to put some stuff online again. I also reposted my old article on Webalizer, as I still saw a lot of requests to that post in my webserver logs.

Well, this is it for now, more to come soon!